Virtual meeting rooms


Make your business more collaborative

Virtual meetings are an integral part of modern workplace communication. Whether you're connecting with remote teams, hosting client presentations, or conducting training sessions, a well-designed virtual meeting room can enhance collaboration and productivity like never before. At Data and Voice Cabling, we specialise in expert installation services for virtual meeting rooms, empowering your business to embrace the future of remote collaboration with confidence and ease.





If you are running a business where staff need to communicate in virtual meetings effectively, we are highly experienced and capable installers of Teams rooms, and indeed rooms for any type of video conferencing. We can install the cabling, display systems, speakers, and IT that ensures your virtual meetings run smoothly and securely.

Video Conferencing

team meeting in office glass room


virtual meeting concept of digital screens



Logitech provide a wide range of video-conferencing products and we are specialists in installing this type of system for virtual meeting rooms. These systems are suitable for classrooms, lecture theatres, business rooms, conference centres, hotels, and domestic settings too.


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