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Data and Voice Cabling are a Leicester-based company with extensive experience in installing Fibre Optic, Cat 5E, and Category 6 Networks for various sectors including business and education. We are well-equipped to assist with the installation of audio visual networks and communications systems such as video conferencing, virtual meeting rooms, and touch screen smartboards.

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Infrastructure design and installation

Data and Voice Cabling design and install network infrastructure to support audio-visual communications systems. This includes ensuring sufficient bandwidth and connectivity to accommodate high-quality video and audio streams for applications like video conferencing and virtual meeting rooms.

Integration with network

Data and Voice Cabling can integrate audio-visual systems with any existing network infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. We can configure routers, switches, and other network devices to prioritise traffic for audio-visual applications and ensure smooth data transmission.


We offer ongoing technical support and maintenance services to address any issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring the continued functionality of the communication infrastructure.

Cabling and connectivity

We will also install the required cabling, such as HDMI or DisplayPort cables, to connect equipment to the audio visual network. This ensures seamless transmission of audio and video signals between devices.

Setup and configuration

We also assist with the setup and configuration of audio-visual equipment, including video conferencing systems, virtual meeting room software, and touch screen smartboards. This includes installing and configuring software, calibrating displays, and testing the functionality of the systems.

Testing and certification

We make sure that all audio visual networks and communication systems are thoroughly tested and certified to the required standards. This helps to guarantee the reliability and performance of the systems once they are operational.



By leveraging our expertise in network infrastructure design and installation, we support businesses and educational institutions in implementing reliable and high-quality audio-visual communication solutions. Their commitment to using quality products and materials, along with their dedication to testing and certification, ensures that clients receive dependable and efficient systems tailored to their specific needs.



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Data and Voice Cabling is registered as a limited company in England and Wales under company number 04346734.