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About us

A quality data cabling and network company in Leicester

With many years experience and clients that range from large data centres and corporate office environments to small offices and  schools, we know what is right at the moment and we can help you predict how evolving technology may drive your future data needs .

DVC - Data and Voice Cabling is a Leicester based company installing Fibre Fiber Optic, Cat 5E and Category 6 Networks for business and education. As a contractor we have vast experience in the design and installation of computer network infrastructures for all sorts of organisations, from large office blocks to school classrooms we also install Data Centre cabling and we are committed to installing the best possible networks, using quality products and materials. All our network wiring installations are tested and certified to the required standard.


What makes us special


Friendly service

We offer a customised friendly service that is focused on your requirements .



The right solution 

We will work with you to make sure that you data requirements are supported by the appropriate cabling solution.  



Site survey

We offer a full site survey service, to make the most of the infrastructure you already have and enhance your cabling and networking for the future.



Contact us to find out more

We have significant experience installing data oriented solutions such as interactive classroom smartBoards and video conferencing solutions.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about these solutions 


We are based in Leicester but work all over Leicestershire and the Midlands.  



Our approach and our values


We install the best 

At Data and Voice Cabling we are committed to installing the best possible networks for all types of organizations. We carry out work for schools, colleges, small and large businesses and also work for many local government organizations. Most of our network installations are either Category 5E or Cat 6 with a fibre optic back bone for communication between the comms cabinets. 

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Cat5E and Cat6 

Category 5E is still widely used in many installations as it supports gigabit Ethernet but some customers do prefer Cat 6 cabling as it offers more head room than Cat 5E. Category 5E network cabling supports gigabit Ethernet at 100 MHz and was designed for 1000Base-T whereas Cat 6 gives you gigabit Ethernet up to 250 MHz thus giving you more head room for data transmission. 

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We will help you choose

Most people install Category 6 data cabling to future proof there network. Augmented Cat 6 and Category 7 are also available but these are mainly used in data centres and computer rooms for linking servers and switches.

Whatever your need we will provide impartial professional advice.

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